Launch of the Freelance Web Directory

Welcome to the Freelance Web Directory. The aim of this website is to connect freelance web professionals with prospective clients. This can be done in one of two ways.

Firstly, there is the freelancers directory. This is where freelancers can list their company. It's a great way for them to show prospective clients their skill set and what other websites they have worked on. There are three types of packages. Standard entries are free to use, and list the most basic of details for the freelancer. Then there are the paid options, our Premium and Premium Plus entries. These are shown more prominently within the directory system and also allow the freelancer to include more details about their company.

Secondly, we have the prospective clients directory. Here, people who are looking to have a piece of work carried out can post their requirements for a nominal fee, and can choose to list their entry from 1 to 12 weeks. There are other types of website that take this approach (for example Bark). However, our approach is slightly different in as much as we ask the client to pay a small fee, and don't charge the freelancer to view these details. This evolved as it was a freelancer that conceived the idea (Dave Parker). His take was that as a freelancer, there are already a lot of overheads, and a client is more likely to get responses from freelancers if the freelancer doesn't have to pay to see their details. Additionally, a freelancer isn't taking a risk that even if he pays to see the details of a potential client that the client may have already engaged with a freelancer by the time the details are made available.

When the website was initially launched in November 2017, we asked the Facebook community to take a look at the site and it gained approval from the freelancer community. It is hoped that going forward the site will become a popular resource for both freelance web professionals as well as people who need web based work carried out for their projects.

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